NAKID Paintball (March 2013)  Paintball · Co-Ed Social Kickball in Austin

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Registration Dates:
2013-02-27 – 2013-03-07 regular
Individual Fees
Regular 35.0

Hey NAKIDs, How's your aim?

It's time for some NAKID paintball!

We are going paintBALLS OUT at Outlaw Paintball (1436 Grand Avenue Pkwy, Pflugerville, TX).
Paintball is a sport in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by hitting them with capsules containing food coloring and gelatin (referred to as paintballs) propelled from a device called a paintball marker. Paintballs have a non-toxic, biodegradable, water soluble mineral-oil. When playing paintball, you will need loose fitting clothing. Some players wear camouflage, but we recommended some old clothes, something you would wear to work in the yard. Pants and a long sleeved shirt are also recommended (I would like to play with kickball or bowling shirts). The paint should wash out of all your clothing. Running shoes or Hi-top cleats are preferred.

For $35, you will get: 2 hours of play, 500 rounds of paint, Equipment rentals (includes a full mask that covers your whole face), and NAKID bandanas.

Afterwards, grab some post domination food at BlackFinn Ameripub where the league is gonna get some sweet deals on grub and brews.

Get ready to have a blast, while you blast your fellow NAKID mates with paintballs. Don't worry; the paintballs won't hurt as long as you wear the proper attire, listed above. The only thing that will be hurt is the pride of those you annihilate with the multi-colored rainbow of victory that you leave on their bodies. So, prepare yourself for a day of fun, and let's get NAKID with paint!

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