How It Works: General Questions

What is NAKID? How does it work?

NAKID stands for Neighborhood Adults Kickin' It Downtown and we are a coed social sports league!

Every week, you'll head on out to your designated location to play your sport. After your games, you'll go to your designated sponsor bar, where you'll eat, drink and socialize with your teammates and opposing teams. In most cases, once you're at the sponsor bar for a bit, you'll challenge (or be challenged by) other teams to the true sport of NAKID: flip cup. In the case of bar sports and bowling, your game location and sponsor bar are one and the same!

What is a social sports league?

A social sports league is much more than just your everyday amateur sports league. Think of it more as an experience that consists of two equal themes: the first being a variety of well-organized social events and the second is being active and playing your registered sport. When you register, you're signing up to participate in the social events and your chosen sport during a designated period of time, usually called a season, which varies in length between 6-12 weeks long (depending on the sport and season).

What's a game day like?

Once per week, you'll meet up with your team at your assigned field or court and against an opposing team. After your games, you'll visit the designated sponsor bar, where you'll eat, drink and socialize with your teammates.

Throughout the season, we have a variety of social events that you are invited to. To keep the most informed on all of our social events, including RSVPing for our free parties, free movie screenings and other social events each season, please join our Meetup group.

What if I have to miss some games?

That's totally fine. We all have other commitments in our lives. If you can, just give your captain a heads up (via email).

Do members play nude?

Nope! We've just got a fun name.

What does my membership get me?

Your membership gets you tons of new friends, a season of a sport (that you choose), a t-shirt, 3 free parties and access to a variety of other events.

What are the requirements to join?

All participants must be 21 or older, have health insurance and agree to our terms and conditions to join NAKID.

Can I join alone?

Absolutely! Most of our members join alone. Just join as a Free Agent and we'll place you onto a fun and friendly team when we get closer to the start of the season. If you later have a friend join as a Free Agent as well, toss us an email and we'll get the two of you onto the same team.

What is the age range of members?

Most of our members are between 21-35 years old. The average age is 24.

How do rainouts work?

We'll send you an email if your games have to be cancelled. We're also working on a mobile app that will help with that communication! In that event, head on over to the sponsor bar!  We do not always reschedule rained out games.

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