How It Works: Refer a Friend

The NAKID refer-a-friend program is one of three ways members can play for free (the other two being captain a team and joining our head referee training program).

The refer-a-friend program is simple: get eight of your friends to register and you play for free.

The Details

To participate in the program, you must:

  1. Meet our membership requirements. You must be 21 or older, have health insurance, and agree to our terms and conditions.
  2. Email Us For a Code. You must email and ask for a refer-a-friend code. It may take us a day or two to set it up, and it'll really help us out if your email subject line is, "Refer a Friend Code, Please!" Your code will likely be similar to your first and last name, unless you request otherwise.
  3. Get Eight Friends to Join this Winter. Your eight friends must use your code when they register and the code will get them $5 off the price. You cannot be one of your friends. :)
Your friends must use the code by December 20, 2012.  We are unable to apply the code to friends after your they have joined, so if they didn't use the code at the time they joined, they (and you) will not get credit. Your friends will get $5 off immediately during the registration process. Your friends may join any team or league offered in our Winter 2013 season - not just your team. Your friends may be brand new to NAKID or returning members. 

You must get at least eight friends to get any credit. Your credit will be applied by the first week of games. The credit is not transferrable to other players and not deferable to a past or future season. Your credit will first be applied to the most expensive league you joined. If you get sixteen friends to use your code, you can join a second Winter 2013 league/team for free. Partial credits don't count and are not transferable to future seasons. All eight of your friends must join the Winter 2013 season.

Codes may not be combined, which mean you can't get four friends and another person gets four friends and you try to get 1/2 off the season. Captains, and other players that play for free, that use a code when registering will not count towards your eight friends. You, yourself, may not be one of your friends.

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