How It Works: Social Events

Bar Crawls and Scavenger Hunts

The NAKID Bar Crawl and Scavenger Hunt was a new event in 2010 and has quickly become the most popular and fun event NAKID has ever done! This year we're making it even better by expanding it to include other organizations which means more teams, better prizes, and more hilarious antics!

Teams must be four to six people. Be creative with your team name and costumes - extra points are awarded based on originality and team spirit! Registration is at the first bar, where you will pick up your packets and have your first bar task. Then follow your team's unique route through the hunt, finding items and completing tasks along the way. We'll all meet up at the last bar to tally the results, announce the winner, and have a post-hunt party!

Beer Bingo

Drink when you have a number on your board called out, drink for prime numbers, chug when you win, chug when you call out a false bingo, and drink for whatever else we decide as we go along - this is not your grandmother's bingo! You'll get a bingo card and the chance to play for some amazing prizes!

Beer Bingo is a great event for those new to NAKID, as the smaller setting and mass quantities of beer lends itself to meeting people and bonding over losing your chance to win the home pregnancy test.


Build Me a Beerymid, Boat Races, and, of course, DAS BOOT! - these events are just a few that make up one of NAKID's signature events: Beerlympics! Teams of six (with up to two alternates) compete in several events that test your skills in flipping, chugging, and throwing balls into cups. The final event to decide the champion is DAS BOOT, one of the most challenging beer-chugging competitions in existence.

Bus Trips

NAKID has partnered with the bus companies to bring its members fantastic, beer-filled trips to local attractions! The bus will pick you and your party up at a predetermined location and take you on a tour of Austin's best clubs and bars. It's BYOB for these trips, and it costs as low as $20!

Flip Cup Tournaments

NAKID has partnered with Major League Flip Cup to bring you several flip cup tournaments throughout the year to test your skills with a plastic cup! Get a team of six together and match up against some of the best flippers in the country. Winners receive cash prizes, a huge trophy, and, most importantly, bragging rights! Remember: team spirit and costumes bring good luck!

Free Seasonal Parties

FREE BEER! Yes, you read right: FREE BEER! NAKID offers a unique party experience to its members - beer is free all night long and, if you're a registered member of NAKID, you get into the party for free! In addition, NAKID passes out shots at each party and has DJs playing music to get you shaking your booty. Each party has a different theme and we encourage our players to dress up and go all out. Try finding a better party deal in Austin; you won't! RSVP for the parties on Meetup so we have enough beer, and get started on your outfit!

Tubing Trips

Go tubing with NAKID! NAKID provides the buses, the beer, and some snacks, so all you need is your bathing suit, sunscreen, and a strong liver! We board the bus and head down to the a nearby river to tube the all day. Relax in your tube and float down the river with the beer never far behind. Your fee covers the cost of the tubing, but NAKID takes care of the bus and beer. Just don't get sunburned!

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